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What are the functions of Group Roles?

There are three primary functions for group roles:

  • Group roles can be used as labels for People to define a person’s relationship or position with a group or group type
  • Define a person’s member status to that group
  • Categorize a group of people based on certain criteria

When assigned to a user, group roles allow the organization to manage permissions associated with that particular group role.

Group Roles act as a template of field sets for quickly adding people to groups

Group Roles allow you to easily:

  • Filter through your Directory

  • Save custom Contact lists based on group roles

  • Send forms to Contacts based on their group role

  • Send payments to Contacts based on their group role

  • Build and export reports based on group roles

  • Manage user permissions within a group

  • Add Contacts to a group from a template of field sets