What are Distribution Campaigns? | Groopt

What are Distribution Campaigns?

Distribution Campaigns allow you to manage multiple efforts within the same form. Each campaign is created as its own segment of form results. This is very useful when you have a single form that you send out on a regular basis, for instance, a form you may send out each year. The form itself stays exactly the same, but you want to collect each year’s submissions separately. To do so, you can create a Distribution Campaign for each new year you send the form out.

There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can create within a form, and each campaign can have as many submissions as you like. 

Each new campaign has its own settings. Therefore, each campaign can have its own unique amount due, late fee, start, and end date from any other set in the form. 

Within the Distribution Campaign you can customize the following:

  • Start and end date of the form
  • Late fees
  • Any fee you'd like to add to the form
  • Payment options such as partial payments, offline payments or recurring