What are Contacts? | Groopt

What are Contacts?

A Contact is the term we use to describe the people added to your database. There are three types of Contacts: Unregistered, Registered & Admin.

Unregistered Contact:

These are contacts that have not been invited to sign up and join an organization's Groopt account. Unregistered contacts can be invited to become Registered at anytime. 
Ex: A contact whose information you want to store but do not want to grant access to update their information.

Registered Contact:

Contacts that have been invited to sign up and join an organization's Groopt account. Once registered, they have the ability to login, manage their profile, complete forms and pay bills. 
Ex: A member of your organization you want to sign in to access and update information

An Admin

An Admin is a Registered contact with permission to access larger parts of the database. Depending on the permissions they are given, they have the ability to perform administrative tasks setup by the organization. 
Ex: A staff of your organization with permission to invite contacts, send forms, accept payments, etc.