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Use Cases & Examples of Roles

Roles allow you to easily:

  • Filter through your Directory

  • Save custom Contacts lists based on role filters

  • Send forms to Contacts based on their role

  • Send payments to Contacts based on their role

  • Build and export reports based on role filters

  • Manage Contact permissions

  • Add Contacts from a template of field sets

Examples of Organization-Level Roles based on organizational type:

Positions: CEO, President, VP of Marketing
Statuses: Terminated, Quit, Leave of Absence
Category: Executive, Employee, Intern 

Positions: Chancellor, Student Advisor, Department Director
Statuses: Graduated, Suspended, Dropped-out
Category: Student, Alumni, Faculty 

Positions: Executive Director, Communication Manager, Donor Liaison
Statuses: Suspended, Gold Level Donor, Deceased
Category: Volunteer, Staff, Donor

Examples of Group-Level Roles based on group type:

Position: Company President
Status: Current
Category: Executive team

Student Club
Position: President
Status: Current
Category: Executive Board

Regional Chapter
Position: Alumni President
Status: Current
Category: Chapter Alumni