Step by Step Import | Groopt

Step by Step Import

Navigate to Directory drop-down and select “Imports” – Then just follow these steps:

  • Click "browse" to find your .CSV that you just created.

  • In addition to adding roles and groups to individual contacts in your CSV, you can also assign roles and groups to every contact upon import.
  • You can also decide to send each contact and email invitation to join your Groopt Database as a registered user. Registered users can sign into Groopt to update their profiles, connect their social networks, edit group information, complete forms and make payments. (You can also invite contacts later)

  • Click "IMPORT" so our system can check your CSV file for conflicts and once we approve the structure, we'll send you an email to settle duplicates and name your custom field sets.
  • Once you confirm the import, we'll import your contacts, roles, groups and custom data. Depending on the file size, this could take a while… so don't wait up - we'll send you an email when it's complete.