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Saved Views

What is a saved view?

Saved views let you hand select the columns you want to display in one of your tables, as well as any searches you have run. For example, if you want to show the address field in the main contact directory, and then you run a search for all suspended members, you can save this view and quickly load it at anytime. 

How do I create a saved view?

To save a view, simply click on the column icon in the top right hand side of the table. Choose the fields you would like to display by checking the box next to the field name. Keep in mind if you choose too many fields, the table will scroll horizontally to fit them all. 

If you want to save a search along with these columns, add whatever search criteria you want to the search bar and run the search. You will see the table will show all the contacts from your search, as well as the correct columns you have displayed. 

Now that your view is ready, click on the "saved views" button in the search bar and save the view, or overide an existing view. With your view saved, you can select it from the saved view dropdown and load it at anytime. Your view will be the default as long as you have it selected.