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Page Breaks

What are Page Breaks? You can use a Page Break if your form is too long and you want to separate it into different pages (people completing your form will hit “Continue” to move on to the next page). Wherever it is inserted into your form will be where the page “breaks”, and you can use as many as you want

  • Ex: if you insert a page break in between First Name and Last Name, then First Name will be on one page and you will have to click “continue” to move on to the second page containing Last Name.

Page Breaks function just like regular Fields, so you can add them, delete them, and move them around until they're right where you want them. They also won't alter your Form until the Form is live, so don't worry about having to switch between pages while you're still building.

To utilize a Page Break:

  • Once you have begun customizing your form, click any of the the green “+” buttons to view the options for adding a new field

  • Scroll down until you see the option titled “Page Break”

  • Click to add it to your form. If your page break isn't in the proper place, just click the icon consisting of 3 grey horizontal bars and hold your mouse down to drag it to its correct location