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Managing Groups

How do I create, edit and manage a group?

Navigate to your Group Directory by following these steps:

  • Select Directory from the top tool bar, then Groups
  • To add a group, click the "New Group" button and fill out the appropriate information
  • To edit a group, click the eyeball icon next to the name of the group
  • To delete a group, select a group and click Delete via the trashcan icon


How do I add/remove contacts from a group?

To manage the members of your group, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Group Directory
  • Click to view the profile of the group you'd like to add contacts to

  • To add members, select the blue cogwheel button, then Add Members
  • Members can be added to a group three ways: add members who are not already in your database, search and add members already in your database, create an Invite Link
  • To remove members, click the Members tab of the Group Profile and select the contacts to be removed via the trashcan icon