How Do I Setup My Import Data? | Groopt

How Do I Setup My Import Data?

Step 1 – Download Import Template

Download this Import Template CSV file. Use this Import Template CSV to setup your import file. Please use the same column labels provided in the template file to eliminate errors or inconsistencies. When you are ready to save your import, click “save-as” and choose the .csv (comma separated values) option.

Click here to download the template

Step 2: Setup Roles

In the Import Template CSV, you will notice a column titled “roles”. Roles are unique labels attached to your user records for things like job positions, member types and statuses.

EX: CEO, donor, volunteer, staff

You can have an unlimited number of “role” columns in your import file. As long as you name the column “role” they will be imported and attached to the user record.

Step 3: Setup Groups

Groopt lets you collect special records called groups. Groups are special because you can attach user records to them. Any column with the label “group” will get imported as a new group and automatically associate your user records to them. Like roles, you can include an unlimited number of “group” columns in your import. Just name the columns “group” and they will import and attach to the user record.

Step 4: Setup Custom Fields

Any column with a label different than the following list of column titles will import as a custom field set:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • address,
  • phone
  • role
  • group

When importing custom fields, you can specify a name for the custom field set (ex. professional information), or keep the system default “Imported Fields MM/DD/YY.” You can also change the name of your custom fields anytime after the import. 

**Please note: All custom fields will be imported as text fields. If you want to import more robust data types for searching capabilities (addresses, dates, etc.), please contact us at

Step 5: Merging Duplicates

If you already have data in your database when you import a file, it’s possible to encounter duplicates. When our system recognizes duplicates, you will be walked through the process of merging ignoring, or importing them as duplicate records.

And that’s it - start importing away! If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at  - Thanks!