How do I build a Form? | Groopt

How do I build a Form?

To build a form, you must first select Forms from the top tool  bar. This will load up the Form Directory and display a list of all your existing forms. You can search through your forms, or sort them by a particular column.

  • To create a new form, select the “New Form” button on the top right side of the directory.

  • This will take you to the first step in building your form: choosing the template.  You can start with either a blank or prepopulated template, depending on what type of form you are trying to build (for more information on templates see the article titled Form Templates)
  • Once you have the template you want to use, click the orange "START BUILDING" button


  • This is the first page you will see when you start building your form. From here you can give your form a name, and add a description for things like form instructions (your members will be able to view this text on the form).
  • Below the description, you can begin adding fields to your new form.
  • If you want the information captured in this form to populate the profiles of your contacts, you will need to utilize the Sync Field.


  • You can preview your form by clicking the white and blue “PREVIEW” button in the form builder header. This is what your form will look like to the people receiving it.


  • The settings tab allows you to input information you'd like your member to see after their submit the form. You can customize the following:

Redirect URL
If you'd like your member to be taken to your website after they complete the form, input the website link here 

Personalized Message
This is a pop up message your members will see as soon as they submit their form 

Email Address Confirmation
Input the email address you'd like to be notified when submissions are received.