How do I add Contacts? | Groopt

How do I add Contacts?

First you will need to navigate to the Contacts Directory by following these steps:

  • Select the Directory from the top toolbar, then Contacts
  • Click the "ADD CONTACTS" button

  • You can choose to add contacts manually, add an email list, import contact or create and invitation link

Ways to add contacts:

  • Import Current Data
    Import a CSV of your current data to quickly add multiple contacts to your database. When you import your CSV, you will have the option to invite and link contacts. 

  • Invite via Email (Start Fresh)
    If you do not want to import your current data, use your email-list to invite the recipients to join your database as linked-contacts.

  • Custom Invite Link
    Create a custom invitation link to post online or send out through any of your preferred communication channels. Click "NEW INVITATION" to get started.
  • Add Contacts Manually
    Add individual contacts by hand by filling out the “Basic Info for People” record card. When you add a person by hand, you will have the option to add them as a record or invite them to become a user.

  • Custom Data Import and Migration
    If your data structure is fairly complex, please email us at to learn about our custom data migrations.