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Form Templates

What are Form Templates? They're here to help you out with pre-built forms to guide you on your way! Every part of them is customizable as well, from a slight tweak to a complete overhaul.

  • Ex: Membership Dues, Event Ticket Order Form, New Member Recruitment Form

To use Form Templates:

  • Go to Forms by clicking the Forms icon in the upper menu bar, then click the blue “NEW FORM” button to enter the form builder

  • Upon entering the form builder, you'll see several options for where to start building your form. You can always start from scratch with a Blank Form, or you can select a pre-populated one. 
  • To pick your template, click the button with the title of the template you want to use. You'll see a preview of the form, and once you're satisfied that you've found the place you want to start, click the orange “START BUILDING” button. Now build away! (If you need help with form building see the article titled How do I build a form?)