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Here are some of our FAQs

Q: What kinds of groups can use your services?
A: Any group or organization that collects data, donations and payments on or offline. Some examples include non-profit organizations, religious organizations, associations, alumni organizations and universities.

Q: How do I get my group started with Groopt?
A: Create your account with a 30 day Free Trial. You’ll be asked for basic info like organization name, address, primary contact name, primary contact email. You will not need to enter a credit card until the end of your 30-day trial.

If you want to accept payments, you’ll need your group’s bank account information to setup direct deposit into your account. Once you create your account, you can import and invite your contacts or setup your database structure. 

Q: What if I need help with anything?
A: If this support forum doesn’t answer your questions you can always reach out to us with any questions, comments or concerns via email or live chat:

  • Send an email to support@groopt.com or click the purple support button inside Groopt.
  • Live chat with us on Groopt.com (Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm PT)

Q: What will my registered members (non-admins) see when they log in?A: When a non-admin user registers, they set up and access to their user profile. From there, they can update their contact info, view and complete all forms and payments assigned to them.

*There are some group management permissions that can be given to non-admin users, letting them manage group members, settings and group info.

Q: What’s the difference between Admin, Registered User and Un-Registered User?
Admins - Full Database access to search and modify contacts & groups, send forms & payments, modify account settings, etc.

Registered Users - Contacts that you have invited. Once registered, they can create a profile, edit their own basic information, access all their forms & payments and it’s up to you if you want them to be able to View and/or Edit their Custom Fields

Non-Registered Users (think "Contact") - Think of these as just static contacts, they do not create a profile and do not know that they are in your database.

Q: How do I add and/or invite my members to Groopt Data?
A: There are 5 ways to add and/or invite your members:

Import CSV of contacts
You can bulk import a large set of contacts by importing a CSV using our Import Guide 

Create an invite link
You can create an Invite Link to send via email or post online, giving your members a unique URL to invite them to register for Groopt Data. 

Add Members Manually
You can manually invite individual members one by one. Learn How

Add Email List
You can add a list of comma separated email addresses. Learn How

Form Assignment
If you assign a form to your contacts, all contacts that have not registered/joined the database will be prompted to create an account when they click the link to take the form.

Q: Can a non-admin user view the contacts in Groopt?
A: No, a non-admin user cannot see any of the contacts in your account. Only admins have access to the main directory. However, Group Managers have access to view and manage the Group contacts.

Q: What can a Group Manager see/do?
A: Note: Group Managers CANNOT edit the actual contact info of the members, only:

  • Edit fields of group profile
  • Add/invite and remove group members
  • View and manage forms/payments for the group
  • Edit group roles of group members and search the group member directory

Q: How do I change transaction status from unpaid to paid once I receive a check?
A: Head over to your Payment Requests, search for and open the specific invoice, click on the blue button that says Pay. You’ll then be in the invoice and once you select Pay Offline it will give you a box on the next screen to enter in the check number and the amount.

For public form: Once you are in the Active Form Campaign Area and can see the form submissions you have the ability to click to the left. This will take you to the individual form submission. At the bottom of the form is a link that says Unpaid. Once you click through here it will update the information within the database.

Q: How do I reactivate a closed campaign?
A: Locate your closed form campaign from the “Closed Form Campaigns” tab. Click “View” to open the campaign settings and click the “Activate” button in the top right corner.


Q: How do I set up recurring or partial payments?
A: From the Payment Request creation screen, select the Advanced Settings button and a drop down will appear allowing you to customize the payment options to allow partial and recurring payments.


Q: How do I manually edit a member’s profile?
A: To edit a member’s basic information, click Edit in the top right corner of the Member Profile. To edit the additional information in their custom fields, click into the Custom Fields tab, choose the set you’d like to edit and click Edit.


Q: How do I edit the members of a group?
A: Open the group profile and scroll down to locate the “Membership Info” box on the right column. Click View All to access the group member directory. From here, you can edit, remove or add members to the group.


Q: What is the difference between public and private links with forms?
A: A public link allows anyone to submit form submissions. This is best when you do not need to tie form submissions to a specific user or group profile.

A private link requires the submitter to sign into their Groopt Data account (or register if they haven’t done so). The private link lets you utilize sync fields, which populates a member’s profile with the information they submit and ties all form and payment submissions with that user profile.


Q: How do I make a list of people?
A: Visit your People Directory and run a search to filter the members you want added to your list. Select the Select All box and click “Add to List” button. **Check the Save as Smart List box if you would like this list to automatically update when member information matching your search is added to your account. You can access your new list from your List Directory.


Q: How do I make a list of groups?
A: Visit your Group Directory and run a search to filter the members you want added to your list. Select the Select All box and click “Add to List” button. **Check the Save as Smart List box if you would like this list to automatically update when member information matching your search is added to your account. You can access your new list from your List Directory.

Q: What is a smart list?
A: A smart list automatically updates the people/groups in your list based on the criteria you use to create your list.


Q: How will my members be prompted to pay if I selected the partial payment option?
A: When setting up a payment request, you must specify a due date. If the full payment amount is not received by the due date the member will be emailed to complete the payment.


Q: Can I modify or cancel a transaction once it was made?
A: You will need to log into your Stripe account to make these changes. However, you can actually delete any offline transaction through Groopt.


Q: Can a user change their response to a form question once it’s been submitted?
A: Only a registered user can make changes to an open form after submitting their response.

Note, no one can make changes to form submissions after the form campaign has closed.


Q: How do I add a Terms Agreement to my form?
A: First add a Description Field box with your terms. Then add a single checkbox field with wording to confirm they agree to the terms (For example: “By checking this box, I agree to the above Terms of Agreement.”)


Q: Why are some of my form fields missing when I preview the form?
A: Some fields only appear to registered users so they will not appear if you’re using the public link to view your form. You must be logged in to preview the form as a registered user.


Q: How do I embed and share a form?
A: Open the form you’d like to share, select the Active Campaigns tab and then click to view the form campaign. In the top, right corner of the page is a Share button to allow you to share a link or embed the form.


Q: How do I view a form as a member will see it?
A: Use the share links to view how a form will look to a public user (public link) or a registered user (private link). Remember, you must be logged into your Groopt account to preview forms with sync fields.


Q: How do I merge two groups?
A: To do this, follow these steps: 

  • Go to the group profile you want to remain in your account
  • Click Invite (in the upper right corner)
  • Click "Add Existing" option
  • In the search bar, click "Add Criteria"
  • Select "Basic Info" > "Groups" and set the group to the duplicate group you’d like absorbed into the initial group
  • Hit search and select all the members from that group
  • Click "Add" to add all those members to the first group