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Editing Contacts - Mass Edits

What are Mass Edits?

Groopt makes it easy to edit multiple contacts at one time. You can send multiple invitations, edit the fields of multiple contacts at one time, or update their roles. 

How do I Mass Edit my contacts?

To edit more than one contact at a time, select the checkbox next to the contacts name in either the main contact directory, or the members tab inside a group profile. Then, select the edit button from the table tool bar.

In the dialog box that appears, choose the type of edit you want to create. You can send multiple invitations, edit custom fields, or update the roles/group roles of the selected contacts. 


Send Invites: Sends an invitation to each contact asking them to register for the database. If the contact has already registered, they will be ignored.

Edit Fields: Any field updates will apply to all the selected contacts and over-ride the existing value they had stored for that field. Be careful, there is no undo.

Edit Roles: Allows the update of start and end dates, adding role, and deleting roles for all selected contacts.

After you have made a mass edit, you may notice a progress bar that appears at the top of the table. This progress bar indicates how much longer it will take for the mass edits to finish.