Adding Group Permissions | Groopt

Adding Group Permissions

How do I add Group Permissions?

In Groopt, you have the ability to make your contacts "Group Manager" inside their groups, so that they can do things like edit the group profile, add group members, and edit their group roles. These permissions can be managed inside the Group Type tab of settings.

Select the group type you would like to edit, and choose the eyeball icon to open up the dialog box. From here you have the ability to check the "group manager" checkbox next to a group role. This will make that role have group manager permissions.

Next, click on the "Group Manager Permissions" tab at the top of the dialog box. Here you will see a list of all the group roles you've made group managers. The stars next to each group role lists the many permissions you can turn on and off. Save your changes when complete.

Any contact that holds one of these group roles within a group, automatically inherits all the permissions turned on in this menu.